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Code for Sustainable Homes

In April 2007, the Code for Sustainable Homes replaced BRE's EcoHomes as the  methodology for assessment of the sustainability of new homes and apartments in England and Wales. 
The Code rates homes from Level 1*(just above current B. Regs) to Level 6* (a Zero Carbon Home)

The Code for Sustainable Homes covers issues in nine categories:
Energy - Water - Materials - Surface Water Run Off - Waste - Pollution - Health and Well Being - Management - Ecology

At each level, there are mandatory aspects of the Code in several of the categories: Energy, Water, Materials, Waste and Surface Water.

ca-sa is an accredited Code for Sustainable Homes Assessor since its inception and in the last 4 years has worked with developers and designers to attain Code Level 3*, 4* and 5* developments. See more on our Experience

Housing Associations and many Planning Authorities require Code Level 3* in all new housing developments.
The UK's Government made it compulsory for all new homes to be assessed under the Code from May 2008.

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  Code for Sustainable Homes Categories and Credits available (Scroll on the left).
Energy (ENE) [29]
Water (WAT) [6]
Materials (MAT) [24]
Surface Water (SW) [4]
Waste (WAS) [7]
Pollution (POL) [4]
Health and Well Being
(HEA) [12]
Management (MAN) [9]
Ecology (ECO)[9]






Rating score
Level 1 * 36%
Level 2 ** 48%
Level 3 *** 58%
Level 4 **** 68%
Level 5 ***** 84%
Level 6 ****** 90%





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