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S A P (Standard Assessment Procedure)
is the Government's methodology for Energy Ratings of Dwellings.

Building Regulations approved document Part L1 refers to dwellings.
The latest revision (April 2010) requires all new dwelling to use SAP 2009 at Design stage to:

  • Set a Target Emissions Rate (TER) - a target of emissions (in kgCO2/m2year) for heating, hot water and lighting the whole house. TER is currently set at 25% lower than the 2006 Regs compliant building of same area.
  • Get a Design Emissions Rate (DER) - The actual emissions of the building with all the specific design characteristics.
  • Prove that DER is lower than TER.

A compliant building is likely to have: high fabric insulation values - high performance windows and doors, accredited thermal bridges, low air permeability, very energy efficient heating, maybe mechanical ventilation (with heat recovery), maybe some renewable or low carbon energy source (e.g. solar hot water or photovoltaic panels)

When the building is finished, an As Built calculation is carried out from which the Energy Performance Certificate for the buildings is issued by an accredited Assessor.

ca-sa is accredited to carry out SAP Energy Ratings and on construction EPC. Contact us for advice.

The use of SAP2009 allows flexibility for compliance for both new dwellings and extensions and renovations.
For extensions/renovations the proposed building is compared with a notional dwelling following the recommendations set in PartL1B