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Sustainability research

We have collaborated in the following research projects:

with RIBA South for Pathway to Zero Waste:

  • an Introduction to designing out waste in the South East

    with William Bordass Associates for English Heritage:

  • Scoping study and case studies for a screening process to help people planning energy and carbon saving measures in traditional buildings (Triage)

    with the Usable Building Trust for the British Property Federation:

  • A DTI funded Scoping Study to develop criteria for sustainability in commercial buildings.
  • A guide to improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon dioxide in rented offices
  • Carrying out Building Use Studies surveys

    Some of the techniques are covered in the feedback portfolio of techniques hosted by UBT.

    with Reid Architecture:

  • carrying out post occupancy evaluation and building energy studies

    Please contact us for copies of the Hills Place Feedback report and the BRI article: "Architects need Environmental Feedback" (limited number of copies available).